Chain adjustment

Ruler (in mm), torque wrench, 12mm socket, 22mm socket, or 30mm for the latest Monsters.

Disclaimer: As with any mechanical adjustment, if done improperly this
procedure could be harmful to your bike and could cause severe injury in
the event of a crash. If you are at all unsure of your ability to perform this procedure correctly, PLEASE do not attempt to do so.

Maintaining your chain is very important to maintaining its life. I'm not saying that you need to adjust your chain every week, because you don't. You should, however, check it before every ride. Simply reach down and push up on the chain in the middle to see that it is not out of adjustment.

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Long Tours On Ducati

Making short rides to your job or local supermarket and riding several hours long are totally different things. When the final point is not far from the starting one, all you need is general comfort, but in long hours “iron butt” rides many small things you may have not mentioned previously become particularly important.

If you plan to ride for 20 or 30 hours, there is a series of questions you may ask yourself. First, is your bike good for that? If you are not feather-light, you know how inconvenient smaller sport bikes are. You simply won't get rid of the feeling you’re too big for this bike. On the other hand, too big and heavy bikes are not a great decision either. I saw many riders larger and heavier than me, who stopped their heavy bikes at parking lots and dropped them due to exhaustion. Determining “your” bike is not that difficult – just visit any big retailer or motorcycle exhibition, sit on each bike and imagine you will remain in this position for many hours. Will it be a convenient ride?

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